In 2014, I created a simple face oil for myself because nothing was working to keep my skin hydrated. I decided to produce the oil as part of a skincare company based on key ingredients to create a pure holistic line of skin care. The cornerstone of the Golden line is Avocado Oil, along with Neroli (orange blossom), Jasmine and Lavender - plants that surround me where I live in Ojai, CA. All ingredients are included based on their therapeutic value, paired with aromatherapy, for the skin.

As a bonus, when I'm working as a private flight attendant, the Golden Face Oil has been a skin saver. I use the travel-sized face oil with rollerball during my flights, and at night I slather on Golden Face Oil to regenerate my skin. It's made a huge difference in my skin, as travel can really takes it's toll. Another bonus, is face oil can double as a make up remover, gently removing eye make up, even mascara.

My gentlemen friends have been benefiting from Golden face products too. The Botanical Tonic doubles as an after-shave, cooling and toning the skin with it's herbal extracts, hyaluronic acid, and witch hazel. The Avocado Body Oil is very therapeutic, and warms the joints, soothes muscles and moisturizes skin after swimming and working out. Thanks guys!

As of August 23, M. Skincare Co. (M.Co.) will be closed. This website will remain up for the remainder of the website contract, until February 2020. You may still contact me about skincare or if you’d like to purchase a bottle, I’d be happy to make you one! It’s been a swell 5 years! Au revoir!

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“It really heats up in Ojai in the summer. M.Co. moisturizer (Golden Face Cream) is the perfect consistency and smells amazing, while keeping my skin hydrated. Also love the anti-aging Face Oil. Wonderful products.”

-Lisa, Porch Gallery, Ojai, CA

"Perfect for the self-described organic beauty expert, this brand-spankin’ new skincare line will surprise and impress. Truly a hidden gem, these essential oil blends not only unveil an otherworldly glow, but also provide soothing aromatherapy benefits for a legitimate mind-body rejuvenation."

-Living Healthy Magazine, Holiday Gift Guide 2015

“I first started using M.Co. hydrating facial oils after I was gifted a bottle of the amazingly moisturizing and hydrating tincture last year. With age, my skin has become more brittle, less elastic and I found the essential oils help soften the rough patches and hydrate my skin. After just a couple of weeks of applying the essential oils at night, I felt like I had more youthful looking skin that actually glowed. I now use it day and night!

My boyfriend suffers from dry facial skin in the winter months so I suggested he try M.Co. oil and much to his surprise, it has helped resolve his dry patches. He recently purchased his own supply and is a devout user now!”

-Kelly, Oakland, CA

“I am a former Resort Buyer of skincare and managed at a skincare store. I have tried many brands and have never found the same results as I did with Golden Anti-Aging Face Oil by M.Co. I have become a fan of skin oil and this amazing product has given me an immediate glow like no other skincare. It’s almost as if it has a gold that eliminates any red in the skin. The combination of oils penetrate the skin so it moisturizes without sitting on top of the skin like some other brands. The scent is delightful and I found myself saddened when my beautiful blue bottle was empty; longing for more Golden Face Oil that magically makes my skin glow and the scent that I enjoy falling asleep to. What a treasure!”

-Kay, Carpinteria, CA

"I woke up in the morning with my face feeling well hydrated and revived. The Golden Face Oil is incredible! The smell, the texture, and it's properties are far better than what you might find in a department store brand. I love it and can't live without it!”

-Karen, Ventura, CA

Founder, Michele Melonas, riding her bike through orange groves in Ojai.

Founder, Michele Melonas, riding her bike through orange groves in Ojai.